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Lexus LM premium MPV opened for sale in Malaysia.

VIDEO: This is video about Lexus LM premium MPV. After Thailand and Indonesia, Malaysia is the next market to receive the Lexus LM premium MPV model.

The Lexus LM premium luxury MPV has just been confirmed to be available in the Malaysian market as early as 2021. The car sold is the LM 350 version and has a 4-seater configuration. The announced selling price is RM 1,148,000.

Before the sale of the Malaysian market, the Lexus LM debuted in Thailand in March, sold there as the LM 300 variant and came in two optional configurations of 4 and 7 seats. Meanwhile, Indonesia introduced the LM 350 in June and the car is also available for sale with 2 configuration options 4 and 7 seats.

In fact, LM is considered a copy of Toyota Alphard but attached to the Lexus brand name and “covered” on itself the details that bring luxury to the business people.

On the outside, the front end is a large bright chrome grille, featuring curved inner bars that create a unique inverted L shape.

LED headlights with 3 light beams inside, surrounded by LED daytime running lights with sharp claws like a spear and on both sides of the front bumper are small fog lights. The car is equipped with 18-inch multi-spoke wheels.

Moving inside, the Lexus LM 350 has a rear compartment that is separated from the front through an electrically operated baffle to ensure the privacy of rear passengers.

The central highlight in the rear compartment is the two VIP seats that can recline to become flat beds. The leather seats come with massage and air cooling and heating functions.

Located behind the baffles in the rear two rows of seats is a 26-inch LCD screen, 19-speaker Mark Levinson surround sound system, mini fridge and dedicated storage area for personal items such as briefcases.

The center area has a touch panel, which can be used to control the seat position adjustments, relaxation functions, climate control, and the sound system.

Standard equipment also includes dual-zone climate control, double sunroof, wireless charging, overhead display, rear sunshades and an electric trunk opening.

The Lexus LM 350 is equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine, with a capacity of 297 horsepower and is combined with a Direct Shift 8-speed automatic transmission. On the LM 300 version, the car has the option of a hybrid powertrain.

In terms of safety, the car is equipped with a range of driver assistance technologies, including: pre-collision system, adaptive cruise control, lane-tracking assist, lane-change assist with a blind spot monitor. , rear cross-traffic alert, parking assist brake, adaptive high beam system as well as digital rearview mirror.

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