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Mazda overtakes Toyota to become the most prestigious car brand in 2020

Mazda is rated and ranked the leading position by the American consumer magazine in terms of the prestige of car manufacturers in 2020.

The most prestigious auto brand of the year is an annual program surveyed and evaluated by Consumer Reports, to determine the reliability of car brands based on the test run of at least 2 models in its product portfolio. the firm.

With 83 points achieved, this year Mazda rises to the top of the list of most prestigious car brands in 2020, far ahead of the second ranked Toyota with 74 points. Compared to 2019, Mazda’s rating has increased by 1 point, to reinforce its leading position.

Despite a 2-point decrease compared to 2019, only reaching 73 points, but the luxury brand in the Toyota family, Lexus, is still ranked third this year. The two Lexus models tested, UX and NX, scored 95 and 91 respectively.

The ranking of the most prestigious car brands in 2020 recorded the remarkable advancement of Buick and Honda. In particular, the American car brand increased by 14 places, while the Japanese carmaker increased 7 places and occupied 4th and 5th place in this year’s ranking with 70 and 63 respectively.

The next positions in the group of 10 most prestigious car brands this year are Hyundai (62 points), Ram (58 points), Subaru (57 points), Porsche (55 points) and Dodge (54 points).

This year’s Consumer Reports rankings recorded a setback for Ford and Kia. While Ford has problems with the new-generation Explorer and Escape SUV, Kia has suffered a drop in reliability due to the transmission error of the Forte and Soul models.

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