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The new generation Mazda6 can use engines like luxury BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

Mazda6 is the first model in the Mazda family to use this all-new I6 engine platform.

Accordingly, in the announcement of the financial results of the third quarter of 2020, the Japanese car brand – Mazda announced many information related to the development and application of the straight 6-cylinder engine platform. New products to their vehicle models in the future. In particular, Mazda6 is the first name to inherit this “gift”.

Specifically, the 6-cylinder engine platform (I6) developed by Mazda itself will begin to be available on the market from 2022 with 3 configurations including gasoline, oil and SkyActiv-X ignition without spark. gi. This type of engine will be found on the next generation Mazda6 and comes by default with 2-wheel drive.

According to the assessment, equipping the new inline 6-cylinder engine platform to the next generation Mazda6 not only helps this D-class sedan have an advantage over its competitors in terms of power and performance but also also perfecting the “puzzle piece” to help Mazda rise to the true luxury segment of luxury cars.

In fact, Mazda’s efforts in the strategy of promoting the brand position above the current competitors have been clearly shown through the Mazda3. Not only possessing impressive appearance, advanced technology equipment, Mazda3 also gives users experiences that are normally only encountered on luxury cars. However, in order to be able to create absolute conviction about the concept called “Luxury car segment”, Mazda still needs to make a big difference and the I6 engine is the perfect solution. for this.

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