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Mazda2 2023 was caught during a test run, the design is identical to the Toyota Yaris

Mazda and Toyota have cooperated and established a joint venture to produce cars since 2018. On October 1, the joint venture’s factory also went into operation in Alabama. , USA, with the first assembled model being the Toyota Corolla Cross.

Developing a new generation Mazda2 based on the Yaris seems to be also one of the joint projects between Mazda and Toyota. Pictures taken of the Mazda2 2023 on the test track recently have partly proved that

The car appeared on the test track with the exterior design of Toyota Yaris. Meanwhile, the logo on the front and rear of the car are all sealed. However, those with sharp eyes can still recognize Mazda’s familiar “M”-shaped logo. In addition, this car also appeared in the parking lot full of Mazda cars.
In other words, the Mazda2 2023 is likely to be just a renamed version and uses a different logo of Toyota Yaris. Last year, Mazda also officially confirmed the use of Toyota Hybrid System powertrain for its vehicles in the European market. According to Mazda, this is “the optimal solution to meet the needs and requirements of each region”.
The source of power for the fourth generation Mazda2 will be a hybrid powertrain produced by Toyota, including a 3-cylinder, naturally aspirated, 1.5L petrol engine, 2 electric motors/generators. and lithium-ion battery pack. This powertrain produces a total capacity of 114 hp and maximum torque of 120 Nm. Power is transmitted to the front wheels through an eCVT gearbox. Thanks to this hybrid powertrain from Toyota, Mazda is expected to meet strict emission standards in the European market.
It is likely that the Mazda2 2023 will officially launch in the European market next year. Initially, the car will be sold in parallel with the old Mazda2. It is expected that the Mazda2 2023 will be assembled at Toyota’s plant in Valenciennes in the North of France, along with the Yaris Hybrid.
Meanwhile, in the Japanese market, the new generation Mazda2 is expected to have a different design compared to the Toyota Yaris. According to the Japanese press, the Mazda2 2023 may be launched in Japan next year.

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