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McLaren Saber Introducing, is produced exclusively for the US market

In the US, McLaren Saber is a limited production car for customers. The Saber produced only 15 units and all had owners.

In terms of design, McLaren Saber is designed by the division in charge of special models MSO (McLaren Special Operations).

McLaren Saber is inspired by the Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo concept that was introduced in 2017. The car is a collaboration between MSO, McLaren Beverly Hills and O’Gara Motorsport with the original name BC-03.

Customers are directly involved in the design and manufacture of this vehicle through test runs at the Thermal Club Private Race Track. All responses after the test run are credited for the development of the final commercial version.

Information about this model is hardly officially announced by McLaren on its media channels. Supercar fans can only receive information through leaked images, or shared by car owners on social networking sites. According to some sources, the price of this super car can be up to 3.4 million USD.

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