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Search for the McLaren F1 supercar owned by the “junior” of the drug tycoon El Chapo

This mysterious McLaren F1 supercar is said to be owned by a high-ranking member of the drug gang Silanoa operated by Joaquin boss “El Chapo” Guzman.

In 1988, while sitting at the airport to return to England after watching the Formula 1 race in Italy, McLaren’s management decided to produce a completely new supercar model named F1. It took 4 years, McLaren and designer Gordon Murray were able to produce this supercar.

Produced from 1992 – 1998 with the correct number of 106 units, McLaren F1 is one of the legends of the world supercar village. Immediately after the launch of McLaren F1, the Sultan of Brunei quickly ordered himself up to 10 units to add to the rumored supercar collection of up to 5,000 units.

Hunted around the world, McLaren F1 is often priced at several million USD at auction events. Even the McLaren F1 version of the LM race car also brought the owner up to nearly 20 million USD in an auction.

However, not all McLaren F1 super cars are so lucky. The McLaren F1 with chassis number 039 is a prime example.

This super car attracted the attention of Ed Bolian – the founder of VINWiki. This is a platform that specializes in providing information and history of cars. During the past time, Mr. Bolian has put effort and time to find the whereabouts of this mysterious supercar.

Initially, the F1 bearing frame number 039 was produced for Mr. Ron Dennis – former director of McLaren. When it was released at the McLaren factory in late 1995, the car was painted Brazillian Brown Metallic and comes with a red leather interior.

According to Mr. Bolian, there are not many pictures of the McLaren F1 supercar with the frame number 039. However, this super car is still considered one of the worst McLaren F1 cars in the world. Dennis himself did not like the combination of interior and exterior colors of the McLaren F1. She did not even let her husband drive this super car. Therefore, Mr. Dennis decided to sell the car and buy a McLaren F1 with a 050 frame number instead. Unlike the McLaren F1 with the frame number 039, Dennis’ new supercar is painted in a more beautiful and eye-catching Magnesium Silver color.

The McLaren F1 bearing the frame number 039 was later sold to new owners living in the UK. This owner also only kept the car for a short time. This is also the time when the launch of the McLaren F1 with the 039 frame number becomes mysterious and unclear.

After leaving England, this McLaren F1 was suddenly caught on the streets of Mexico. It seems that some giant has imported the McLaren F1 from the UK into Mexico and asked to repaint the rim in golden color.

It is not clear who the Mexican owner of this McLaren F1 is. It is also not clear where the last supercar was taken in Mexico. However, according to word of mouth in Mexico, this McLaren F1 belongs to a senior member of the drug gang Silanoa operated by “tycoon” Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Rumors say that the owner of the McLaren F1 passed away in the late ’90s, but no one could find the key to this supercar. The owner’s family hid the British supercar in the countryside of Sinaloa, but the McLaren F1 suddenly disappeared.

According to rumors, someone contacted McLaren to redo the key for the F1. However, because this person could not provide proof of ownership status, McLaren refused to ask for a replacement key. There is also an anecdote that McLaren refused to rebuild the key for the F1 because it was suspected that the car was illegally imported into Mexico.

About 9 months ago, someone in Mexico contacted Mr. Bolian and confirmed that he knew the current whereabouts of the McLaren F1 bearing frame number 039. This person’s story has signs of fraud for claiming Mr. Bolian. buying a Jaguar in Mexico as a guarantee of finding the McLaren F1. Finally, a sudden war broke out in the area where the McLaren F1 was supposed to be, so the search was postponed.

According to Mr. Bolian, even after finding this McLaren F1, the cost of restoration is at least half a million USD. It is also not excluded that the McLaren F1 is currently located in

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