MCY 96 yacht Introducing, costs nearly 11 million USD

Monte Carlo Yachts MCY 96 features eye-catching designs and luxurious amenities. This yacht is priced from 10.8 million USD.

USD millionaires often choose super yachts to show their wealth. Super yachts are usually large (more than 100 meters long), have helipads and cost up to hundreds of millions of dollars.

If someone wants an unobtrusive yacht with all the elements of beauty and comfort in mind, the MCY 96 is a suitable choice.

MCY 96 is produced by the yachts of Monte Carlo Yachts and Nuvolari Lenard. If you find the name of Monte Carlo Yachts unfamiliar, it is completely okay. This yacht company was established in 2008.

After a while, Monte Carlo Yachts became one of the top five yacht builders in the world thanks to its outstanding products.

Cooperation with Monte Carlo Yachts is Nuvolari Lenard – yacht design studio. Based in Italy, this studio was founded by Dan Lenard in Carlo Nuvolari in 1992.

Back at MCY 96, the yacht received the best flybridge yacht award (over 80 feet category) from the 2018 Asia Boating Awards. Flybridge is the highest deck of a yacht, where you can see it. sea ​​surface panorama.

You can lie sunbathing on the flybridge deck or can be closed by the sunglasses cover above. The area also has a dining table that can accommodate 10 people, although the flybridge space is not too large. A jacuzzi bath sits at the bow of the boat.

On the lower deck is a fairly spacious living room and a separate bedroom for the boss.

Although it is not possible to enjoy the panoramic sea view, this room is fully furnished with a large bed, private bathroom, entertainment area, wardrobe and a large sky-well.

The number 96 in the name of MCY 96 comes from the length of this yacht – 96 feet, which is more than 29 meters. The width of the ship is about 6.94 m and weighs about 98 tons. According to Monte Carlo Yachts, MCY 96 is made of lightweight and durable materials such as Kevlar and carbon fiber.

Powering the MCY 96 are 2 M86 engines and 2 MAN V12 engines. The total capacity of these 4 engines is about 4,100 horsepower. This yacht can reach a top speed of about 27 knots, equivalent to 50 km / h. The cruise speed of MCY 96 is about 21-24 knots / h, equivalent to 38-44 km / h.

In 2017, the standard MCY 96 starts at $ 10.8 million.

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