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Armored Mercedes-Benz V-Class version Introducing – 2022

Just launched, Mercedes-Benz V-Class has a bulletproof version
Inkas has just launched an armored version of the new Mercedes-Benz V-Class 2021 multi-purpose vehicle.

The Mercedes-Benz will be provided with advanced ballistic protection CEN BR6 and can withstand the explosion of two grenades simultaneously under the vehicle floor. The doors, floors and ceilings have been reinforced, the bulletproof glass has been replaced with the standard windows.

In addition, the V-Class will have a few other tweaks, such as reinforced sliding door structure but increasing door weight, so Inkas had to make some adjustments to help the automatic mechanism. can operate.

The suspension and brakes are also upgraded to cope with the extra weight, run-flat tires are standard equipment, and the car has a siren and flash system.

Although it can carry up to 8 people in the car, the Inkas V-Class retains the appearance and inside. The car is fully equipped with luxurious amenities including reclining seats, massage, heating, air-conditioning, interior decoration system.

The 7-inch infotainment system is still equipped with a range of safety equipment. In addition, the interior can be further refined to suit the preferences of the owner, depending on the cost, Inkas will have its own custom configurations for customers.

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