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Brabus B45 Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4Matic Introducing, Powerful 450-hp hatchback

Brabus has recently announced the B45 upgrade package for the Mercedes-AMG A 45 S 4Matic + hot-hatch. This is an addition to the power increase of the car to 421 horsepower.

First introduced seven years ago, the Brabus B45 range is always made up of the high-performance A45 version of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class range. The A45 S were always the most powerful I4 engines of their time. However, that has never been a problem for the famous German based Bottrop.

On the new generation B45, Brabus gives this high-performance hatchback maximum power at 450 hp and maximum torque of 550 Nm. Compared to the standard car, the power that the tuner gives to the car is 29 hp and 50 Nm of torque.

However, the Mercedes-Benz electronic speed limiter has not been replaced or removed by Brabus, so the car will still have a top speed of 270 km / h similar to before.

Also, if you are afraid that this will degrade the A45 S quickly, Brabus will protect your vehicle with its three-year or 100,000 km warranty.

In addition to improving the performance of the vehicle, Brabus also slightly upgraded the exterior of the new A45 S. The first is a monolithic Brabus Monoblock wheel set, measuring 20 inches to give the car a larger feel.

Along with the wheel is a new suspension system with height adjustment, 30 mm lower than before. The exterior of the car is not upgraded to any different details compared to the original car.

If you want, customers can choose to buy carbon fiber exterior cladding in the front bumper, mirror cladding, rear bumper, …

Inside, the cockpit of the Brabus B45 will be upgraded with a special leather upholstery, with unique stitch motifs if requested by the customer.

Some other details are also upgraded with carbon fiber or aluminum on request such as floor coverings, pedals, lighting door cladding, door trim, steering wheel, …

Currently, customers in need can order this upgrade package for the Mercedes-AMG A45 S 4Matic + through the website of Brabus or its dealers around the world.

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