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Mercedes-AMG G63 is beautified thanks to Hofele

This is the Mercedes-AMG G63 which has been completely renewed by the German carmaker Hofele. This version is named HG 63.

First, what sets the G63 apart is the matte finish of Moonbeam Silver, specially made to adorn the car’s exterior. The SUV also comes fitted with parts complete with Liquid Black Chrome paint finish including a revised front grille and front bumper.

Second point, Regarding the front bumper, it has a larger air intake slot than the regular G63 makes the car look more powerful. Set of 24-inch 5-spoke forged alloy wheels with carbon fiber accents.

In addition, Hofele has also adjusted the entire interior of the G63, adorned in magenta leather and Alcantara on the pillars and headrests and ceilings. The Mercedes also gets a personal captain’s seat in the second row, and adds a new center console in the middle with a wireless charging table and storage compartment.

Hofele said the modification of the second row helps the second row to increase the space of the rear passengers by 10 cm. Furthermore, the rear seats are electronically adjustable with memory, heating, cooling and backrest settings that can be reclined. To make passengers more comfortable, Hofele has re-adjusted the rear door for wider opening and is also equipped with electric side steps.

Hofele did not tune to the twin turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine of the G63 even though it was fitted with a valve-controlled exhaust system.

To own Hofele’s G63 AMG the customer is expected to cost 353,300 USD, excluding tax.

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