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Mercedes-Benz is about to produce electric vehicles globally

Daimler’s electric vehicle production system is already in operation, assembling Mercedes-EQ models around the globe using existing factories.

By 2022, the German automaker’s portfolio will feature eight fully electric Mercedes-EQ vehicles. At the top of the list will be the premium sedan EQS, which will soon enter production in Sindelfingen, Germany early next year. Other production locations for other models include Hungary, China and the US.

Mercedes-Benz will also build its own battery systems in locations in Germany, Poland, China and the US. These fully electric vehicles will be produced in the same petrol, diesel and hybrid car factories. According to the German automaker, hybrids and battery-powered electric vehicles will account for more than half of its sales by 2030.

In terms of how production is being expanded, the EQS model will be assembled in Germany and Vance (Alabama, USA) along with the EQE model (also produced in Bremen and Beijing starting next year), next year. 2022. Meanwhile, EQC, now in production, is being assembled in Bremen (Germany), as well as Beijing (China).

The small SUV EQB will enter production in Kecskemet, Hungary and Beijing in 2021. EQA will be produced with the EQB at the Beijing factory, although its production has already begun in Rastatt, Germany.

“With its” Electric First “strategy, Mercedes-Benz has always been on the path to reducing CO₂ emissions and is investing heavily in the transformation. Our vehicle portfolio will move towards electric vehicle models and thus also our global production network with vehicle and battery factories. We intend to be a leader in the electronic mobility sector and focus on battery technology in particular. We are taking a holistic approach, from research and development to manufacturing, and that includes strategic cooperation, ”said Daimler board member Markus Schafer.

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