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Mercedes-Benz V-Class Introducing – 2021 – Add Valuable Upgrade.

Recently, Mercedes-Benz has just announced the next upgrade of the V-Class model with the Airmatic air suspension system, which the German automaker says is unique in the segment.

Mercedes-Benz launched its upgraded V-Class model last year with a revised design, more safety and assistance systems, as well as a new 4-cylinder diesel engine and automatic transmission ” 9G-Tronic “. In addition, an update of this model last year applied the MBUX multimedia entertainment system.

Compared with the conventional suspension of the V-Class, the Airmatic has a number of advantages, including increased comfort when driving on any terrain. In addition, the system also optimizes noise throughout the cabin, saves fuel at high speeds and personalizes through different driving modes.

The air suspension adjusts the V-Class chassis to a wide variety of road conditions, ensuring a stable ground clearance at all load conditions even on rough roads. And yet, the dual suspension control system will selectively adjust the vibration frequency to independently adjust on each wheel to help the V-Class respond to all road conditions. This improves driving stability and rear seat comfort thanks to the filtered bodywork.

The driver can choose the driving mode settings using the Dynamic Select button on the center console. The “Comfort” and Manual “modes help the V-Class keep the vehicle height stable when running at 110 km / h. At higher speeds, the suspension automatically lowers by 10 mm, which is the case. can also happen at lower speeds when the Sport mode is selected. In addition, Lift mode can lift the car by 35 mm at 30 km / h.

In addition to the V-Class, Airmatic air suspension is also available for the fully electric model EQV, Vito Tourer, eVito Tourer and the Marco Polo camping car.

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