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Mercedes E-class no longer has a star on the bonnet

Mid-size luxury sedans face the same fate as other high-end models, with no decorative symbols on the bonnet.

In fact, the bonnet trim details are disappearing, due to safety concerns as well as fashion trends in the industry. Jaguar dropped the leopard symbol a few years ago, Lincoln no longer used the cross-shaped emblem, or a Cadillac ornament from the bonnet that had “fallen” in the grille for many years (later also remove the laurel wreath).

Mercedes retains one of the few classic symbols of the auto industry, alongside Bentley and Rolls-Royce. But the legendary three-pointed star is facing a similar fate to the aforementioned brands, at least in America.

The E-class 2021 marks a mid-life upgrade of the current generation, for all sedan, coupe and wagon versions. The E-class is also the latest Mercedes model to lose the bonnet decorations, after the C-class, SL-class and other products. This option is no longer available on its website, and Mercedes also confirmed that the three-pointed star will no longer be in the E-class.

Previously, the E-class used to be equipped with a Luxury version, with a classic and chrome grille, and a three-pointed star standing on the bonnet. Another version, the Sport, only has a circular logo with a three-pointed star, with a more modern grille and a large star in the center.

From being available on the bonnet, the three-pointed star appeared more limited from 2009-2010, and the grille star is now available across the entire E-class lineup.

Some other Mercedes products still have stars on the bonnet, like the new generation S-class sedan, as well as the GLS SUV. In addition, the E-class in other markets still has an iconic star, as in Europe.

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