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Mercedes Grand Canyon RSX – A comfortable camping van with a unique camouflage exterior

VIDEO: From Youtube channel Alan Heath: Stunning 4×4 Mercedes Hymer campervan : Grand Canyon RSX. With Mercedes Grand Canyon RSX, users can explore the wilderness without having to worry.

If you are looking for a Mercedes camping van to go on long trips from home, then you will definitely want to look out for the one here. This prototype Mercedes Grand Canyon RSX Campervan is enough to take you anywhere thanks to a great blend of off-road capabilities and living space.

To create this extraordinary off-road van, the Hymer company didn’t hesitate to spend money to make sure it was the best car possible. It features a 5 cm lift kit and cast wheels wrapped in a set of tough off-road tires, thereby ensuring the Mercedes van can handle the trails with ease. A simple camouflage exterior is a detail that makes the car stand out on the street, and also makes it easy to hide it after a long ride.

Entering the interior, we can quickly realize that the Mercedes Grand Canyon RSX Campervan is fitted with the most advanced equipment available today. On the dashboard is decorated with carbon fiber along with leather material that covers almost every interior surface. The ceiling of the car has a very beautiful LED light system, creating a cozy feeling and looking at the starry sky at night.

Not only that, but this van’s interior can embarrass many luxury hotel rooms with its high-end equipment. Users can find gas stoves and sinks in the kitchen area with custom-made wooden cabinets. This wooden cabinet is designed with mobility in mind, so it has an intelligent button system that keeps them tightly closed while driving. The bathroom area includes a complete standing shower that can also be used as a shared foothold thanks to the intelligent use of the hatch and the storage solution.

The way of packing and handling smart spaces is indeed a commendable element of the interior of RSX Campervan. Every interior space is multifunctional and offers plenty of storage space. This exceptional space management makes the car stand out from other off-road camping cars.

If you’re looking for a well-built off-road vehicle for long-distance cruises, look no further than the Mercedes Grand Canyon RSX Campervan. Although we don’t know the cost of the specific prototype here, based on the number of equipment, it is probably as expensive as 200,000 euros.

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