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Mercedes unveiled a 56-inch MBUX “Hyperscreen” entertainment screen

In the upcoming EQS electric sedan, Mercedes-Benz has taken infotainment technology to a new level.

Accordingly, this technology was first revealed for the Mercedes A-Class in 2018, the new Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is one of the most impressive infotainment systems on the market at the moment, with intuitive interface and advanced AI functions. In the new Mercedes S-Class, the MBUX system will run on a 12.8 inch touch screen and a 12.3 inch technical clock screen. As for the upcoming EQS electric sedan, Mercedes will take the technology to the next level.

Buyers of the electric Mercedes-Benz EQS sedan will get an option called the MBUX “Hyperscreen”, which adds a giant, curved screen that spans most of the interior width from left to right in the A-column. It is a seamless combination of several displays to create an overall curved screen with a width of more than 56 inches. The Hyperscreen is also not fully digital, as the circular air-conditioning doors are integrated into the digital surface.

Around Mercedes-Benz’s Hyperscreen display is a silver-colored plastic front frame that goes through an elaborate three-coat coating for a premium look. The ambient lighting system is also integrated into the lower part of the Hyperscreen, making the display appear as if it were floating on the dashboard.

Front passengers will also be able to operate the Hyperscreen on their own part of the screen with up to 7 profiles displaying individual options. To prevent the driver’s distraction, the entertainment functions will not be displayed if the driver’s seat is unoccupied and will be replaced by a cartoon image showing the Mercedes logo. OLED technology is used for the center and front passenger displays with self-illuminating and high-contrast image pixels for the best possible display quality.

Graphics are shown in new blue and orange tones, while the classic cockpit display with two circular tools has been refreshed with a completely digital interface. As a result, operating the interface will be easier than ever. And yet, a new feature will keep your most important apps at the top of the screen at all times, eliminating the need to scroll through addendums or voice commands. In EV mode, functions like boost and restore are visualized in a new way.

Thanks to advanced AI artificial intelligence, Hyperscreen’s user interface is context-aware and can automatically display functions at the right time by learning user behavior. Since navigation is one of the most used apps, it’s always in the center of the giant screen, while there are 20 other functions like birthday reminders and to-do list suggestions. automatic supply. We can expect Mercedes to reveal more information and introductory videos on the EQS as it prepares to make the electric sedan public this spring.

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