Nimbus Halo 3-wheel electric vehicle is safe and convenient for more than $ 6k

Electric cars are the future, but no one says they can only have 4 wheels or 2 wheels. However, the 3-wheel Nimbus Halo is a compact vehicle like a motorcycle, as safe as a car but with an electric motor.

3-wheeled Nimbus Halo is basically a motorcycle, but completely self-contained and equipped with the same safety features as in a conventional car. It is all-electric, and thanks to its tiny size, it comes in handy in congested traffic, not to mention cheap operating and maintenance costs.

It also has the ability to tilt the car when turning, and if you still can’t feel the statue, then it is even cheaper than some high-end electric motorcycles. Apparently Nimbus is making a lot of promises with its products. It was also a goal that was both admirable and almost impossible to complete, so I hope Nimbus can persevere until the end. Because if the Nimbus Halo electric car can be put into production and sold to the real market, it will be a breakthrough.

The Nimbus company plans to provide two versions of the Halo car, the standard Halo version and the X version. These two versions only have a few differences, such as the X with some carbon fiber and speed the same travel distance is higher. The idea for both is the same: a vehicle for urban dwellers looking for something as convenient and economical as a motorbike, but as safe and rain-shaded as a car.

Nimbus Halo will be made of high-strength steel and aluminum alloy with a thermoplastic body to be both light and safe. The car looks so small, but the manufacturer says that users will also have space to store groceries. The car is 2.3 meters long and 0.81 meters wide, not bigger than a motorcycle but providing much better protection. That’s because Halo is equipped with front and side window airbags, ABS brakes, as well as active safety systems such as lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking.

And yet, it also features automatic parking, remote updates, and a host of sensors and actuators for the Nimbus Balance, exclusive technology that helps it tilt its body when turning. Nimbus claims that Halo will be “green” three times more than a popular electric car because it is smaller and more economical. The car is equipped with an 8.1 kWh battery cluster, which can be upgraded to 12.4 kWh, providing a distance of 126 km and 191 km in the city, respectively. It also has regenerative brakes installed.

Finally, the top speed is 80 km / h for the standard Halo version and 145 km / h for the X. Nimbus aims to sell these tricycles as a personal vehicle and rent them out through translation. subscription service. The latter option will come with access to a designated network of charging stations and free parking, among other attractive perks. Nimbus Halo 2022 car price will have a starting price of 6,420 USD, with many different payment options. The car is expected to be sold worldwide in the second half of 2022 and early 2023.

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