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Porsche 550one – The convertible supercar has never been revealed

After 12 years of being kept a secret, the new Porsche 550one sports car was revealed. This is a modernized version of the 550 Spyder Little Bastard,

Porsche has surprised many fans when it revealed a series of secret concepts that were never widely announced late last year, but the small Porsche 550one convertible here is not one of them.

Made in 2008, the Porsche 550one sports car model was authorized by Ferdinand PiĆ«ch, former president of Volkswagen Group, as a modern tribute car with the Porsche 550 Spyder “Little Bastard” by the late actor James Dean. Recently, Walter de Silva, responsible for the 550one’s design, shared interesting photos of the classic sports car on Instagram.

The 21st-century “Little Bastard” has kept a secret for years and it has the look of a mid-engine roadster with striking design details such as large air cavities, central exhaust like the ones. Porsche in the 1950s. In the rear, the car also seemed to have a spoiler that would open at a specific speed, but unfortunately no one knows this because the 550one is just a show car. stationary because the exhaust is not connected to anything at all.

It has a well-designed interior cabin complete with a sleek six-speed Audi R8-style manual transmission and an inner door zipper. Those who are observant will notice the side vents with a beautiful 3-slot design, and the rear lid also carries ventilation slots. Its minimalist interior reveals metal surfaces and aluminum pedals, along with a flat lower steering wheel and tachometer mounted front and center like every other Porsche.

According to the Italian magazine Quattroruote, this unique Porsche 550one was never produced because the management in Zuffenhausen had more potential products at the time.

Instead of investing in a product that could overlap with the Boxster, Porsche spent money elsewhere, namely sponsoring the Macan’s development to profit from the SUV craze. Therefore, 550one was hidden, never made public, and was not even mentioned until now.

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