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Porsche 911 Turbo History Lesson with Walter Röhrl

VIDEO: Porsche 911 Turbo History Lesson with Walter Röhrl BY DPCcars

No-one knows the Porsche 911 Turbo better than rally legend Walter Röhrl. He first bought one for himself 41 years ago, and his first company car at Porsche was also a Turbo. At the Porsche Experience Centre Hockenheimring, he takes a look back at all the generations of the flagship model. Walter Röhrl’s comments on the 930 generation “The forefather of all Turbos was a technical revolution in car production. The first variant with 260 PS and a four-speed gearbox was still very sharp as regards to its power development, but that made it a fantastic challenge for skilled drivers. The visual styling of the 930 was also a dream: the flared fenders in combination with the original wheels, not to mention the large rear spoiler. I fulfilled a very personal dream in 1979 when, within four years of the market launch, I bought my own, first, 911 Turbo.” said: Walter Röhrl. Walter Röhrl’s comments on the 965 generation “The successor then still had a displacement of 3.3 litres, like the last variants of the 930 models. It was still extremely beautiful; the wide flares at the sides with the high headlights and the powerful rear wing. Like the 964, the new models also offered significantly improved driving safety with ABS and power steering. However, the engines of the first variants were slightly outdated. It was not a great step forward in terms of dynamics compared with the predecessors, which is why the earlier models are among the less popular variants today. That changed fundamentally with the Turbo 3.6. With a completely newly designed engine and a power output of 360 PS, it remains a dream car to this day.” said: Walter Röhrl.

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