2025 Renault 5 Protype – Concept Introducing

French automaker Renault has introduced seven fully electric models by 2025. In which, 5 Protype is a modern electric version of the famous R5 urban model.

At first glance, it is not difficult to see that the new Renault 5 has been greatly inspired by the design of the original car, fusing its neat lines and smooth surfaces with similar details. hybrid shown on the system lights and front.

The designers of Renault have reimagined design details from ancient models to suit the needs of a modern electric vehicle, such as the air cavity on the hood that now hides the charging gates and lights. the rear is aerodynamically optimized, and the front fog lights also include daytime running lights.

In addition, the car also features glowing front and rear logos, woven fabric roofs, as well as a tiny French flag on the door-side mirrors. Renault has not released any images of the interior, but says the 5 Protype have a small, transparent display on the dashboard that can project messages to people outside the car.

In particular, the French car maker did not mention any details about the electric drivetrain, such as the number of horsepower or distance traveled, but said that the new Renault 5 was designed as a pure electric car. In the first place, that meant it wouldn’t have a variant with an internal combustion engine system.

In addition to the new Renault 5, the French brand will revive another historic name into a modern electric vehicle, the Renault 4. The manufacturer wants 30% of its sales to be fully electric vehicles. 2025 and models like the new 5 are sure to play a big role in this plan.

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