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Rolls-Royce electric car will debut in 2023: First Image revealed

Rolls-Royce says its first electric model will be released in 2023 and take the name of the Specter nameplate. Specter will be its first battery-powered production model ahead of the brand’s transition to electric power in 2023

In fact, Rolls-Royce conducted the first research in electric powertrains back in 2011 when it launched the 102EX, an prototype based on the Phantom with dual electric motors produces a combined 389 horsepower. The dual motors got their power from a 71-kWh battery, which allows customers to travel 124 miles (200 kilometers) of range between charges.

Model 103EX was introduced in 2016. While we don’t know much about the specs, in terms of styling, the car has a splash with its extravagant design and its sheer size, stretching at a stately 19.4 feet (5.91 meters) long. The launch shows Rolls-Royce’s intentions of hastening EV development, which we now know will materialize in the final quarter of 2023 with the Specter teased here for the first time. If only looking at the camouflaged prototype, many might think this is just a Wraith with the oily bits replaced with electric motors and a battery pack, however the Specter is an all-new development. Unlike the case of the BMW-based Wraith, the upcoming electric vehicle rides on the same Architecture of Luxury as the latest Ghost and Phantom.

The Rolls-Royce Specter Electric Vehicle is not revealed in full details at this time. It is just announced by the manufacturer that the Specter will be subjected to a comprehensive testing program. It will cover 2.5 million kilometers (1.55M miles) – more than any other RR before it – which will take a role as a simulation of what it would be to use a Rolls for 400 years. The test will involve implementing in all four corners of the globe in a bit to “push this new motor to the limit.”

Specter will pave the way for an important step forward for Rolls-Royce’s EV onslaught, with all products going electric by the end of the decade. It will create the opportunity for the BMW-owned brand to fulfill a prophecy made by Charles Rolls in April 1900 after he drove an electric car developed by American brand Columbia.

Source: Rolls-Royce, motor1

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