Rolls-Royce is preparing to launch an electric car called Silent Shadow

Rolls-Royce said it will focus on all-electric cars instead of producing hybrid cars. According to Rolls-Royce, the all-electric car will be able to run 500km on a single charge.

Specifically, at the BMW parent company’s research and development center in Munich, Germany, there exists a battery-powered Phantom prototype. The traditional Rolls-Royce bespoke (EV) electric vehicle may be inspired by the 2016 103EX concept.

In fact, the name Silent Shadow has also been trademarked by BMW in Germany. In the period 1965-1980, the super luxury company used to have a Silver Shadow model – the product with the most production volume of Rolls-Royce with more than 30,000 cars.

During product development, the Rolls-Royce designers will make the most of the space obtained from the elimination of the traditional engine and transmission, inspired by the 103EX Concept, or the Vision Next 100 Concept. , launched in 2016.

However, the Rolls-Royce electric vehicle will not share the BMW CLAR base platform as the British automaker thinks that Silent Shadow will be developed on the basis of a recently upgraded version of the base base. completely made of aluminum from Phantom and Cullinan.

The development of Silent Shadow is in tandem with the BMW i7, an electric luxury sedan based on the 7th-generation series and will compete with the Mercedes EQS, slated for release in 2022.

Although Silent Shadow and i7 have different textures (i7 uses BMW’s CLAR architecture, while Silent Shadow can use a new aluminum frame structure), many parts will be shared with the aim of optimizing production efficiency. and economics.

Rookie Rolls-Royce Silent Shadow will almost certainly use two electric motors, combined with the AWD 4-wheel drive system; In addition, there may be a version with rear-wheel drive, using a large battery pack – 120kW, expected Rolls-Royce’s electric car can run a distance of 500 km after each charge.

In addition, the vehicle will be equipped with a cruise control system capable of driving at least Level 3 on the highway. Thus, Silent Shadow will be the most modern Rolls-Royce car ever.

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