Russians to make their own V12 engine by tying three four-cylinder engines together

VIDEO: Self-made V12: first startup and drive. Once again, the team “Garage54” made viewers enjoy and admire their monstrous idea.

We already know many monstrous homemade cars from the Russian team of YouTube channel “Garage54”. Whether it’s a walking Lada with a tripod system or a bike with a spring coupling, the team’s creativity and engineering are clearly limitless, at least on the face as weird as possible. . In a new video, they continue to bring viewers an interesting invention that is building a V12 engine by tying three 4-cylinder engines together.

Obviously, the engine configuration like what we see here is unorthodox, but interconnecting multiple cylinder strips is not unprecedented. Bugatti clearly has a W16 engine, but one team that has completely disobeyed the rules is British Racing Motors (BRM) and their H16 configuration is essentially two flat 8-cylinder engines put together.

In the case above, the Garage54 setup appears to be the Y12, rather than the V12, as they say, with two engines fully exposed, and the original one in the regular position. After a bad start, the 3 engine blocks started to start and make a sound we’ve probably never heard – 1 engine even started to “breathe fire” after several boosts. gas.

Since it was extremely difficult to connect the 3 motors via the drive shaft, the Russian team chose a simple belt setup in the front; The drivetrain loss can be pretty high, but it probably doesn’t matter when you’ve built your own powertrain like this. Surprisingly, they were able to synchronize everything with ease.

A few tests on a snowy track have shown the effectiveness of a homemade V12 block. Although not fully exploited and optimized performance, but at least in terms of homemade engines in general, Garage54’s products really stand out in appearance and sound.

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