See the Great Wall Ora Good Cat, a cheap Chinese car “imitation” Porsche

The low-cost Porsche-style Ora Good Cat is about to be produced and sold in Thailand, as part of the globalization plan of China’s parent company Great Wall Motors.

Ora is a brand that specializes in manufacturing electric cars newly established by Great Wall Motors from China. In September last year, the sub-brand launched an all-new Good Cat electric scooter (Haomao, meaning “good cat”). Great Wall will also use this model to penetrate the electric car market in Thailand.

Developed on the basis of the Great Wall Motors Lemon chassis, the Ora Good Cat electric vehicle has a length of 4,235 mm, a width of 1,825 mm, a height of 1,596 mm and a wheelbase of 2,650 mm. In addition, this Chinese model also weighs 1,510 kg and uses the MacPherson struts in the front and the rear torsion beams.

Outside, Great Wall Ora Good Cat owns a design that is remarkably similar to a Porsche luxury car. This is no coincidence, as Emanuel Derta – the designer who used to work for Porsche – was the writer for the Chinese hatchback’s appearance. The front end of the Great Wall Ora Good Cat has many similarities with the Porsche Macan. In addition, the head of the Great Wall Ora Good Cat also reminds of the Mini car and Volkswagen Beetle.

Great Wall Ora Good Cat is not equipped with a grille, even if it is fake. The car has only a central air cavity with a honeycomb mesh and 2 chrome water droplets on the front bumper. In addition, this Chinese car is also equipped with a strip of taillights integrated into the back door glass quite fancy. On the rear bumper there are also slim horizontal reflectors. Depending on the version, the car will use wheels with a diameter of 17 inches or 18 inches, with tires 205 / 55R17 and 215 / 50R18.

Stepping inside the Great Wall Ora Good Cat, the driver will find outstanding equipment such as leatherette on the seats, door panels and dashboard.

In addition, there are two 10-inch screens, connected together to form a block like a luxury car, the air conditioning button, the metal-paneling mode dial, Panorama sunroof and some USB ports. The source of power for the Great Wall Ora Good Cat is an electric motor with a maximum capacity of 143 hp and a maximum torque of 210 Nm.

Electric motor combined with 47.8 kWh or 59.1 kWh battery. As a result, the car can run the entire distance of 401 km and 501 km after fully charged the battery. Charging time for Great Wall Ora Good Cat is 8 hours with standard AC charging system. If using the DC fast charging system, users only need to wait 30 minutes to charge from 30 to 80% of the battery capacity.

Another highlight of the Great Wall Ora Good Cat is the semi-autonomous steering system called Ora Pilot Driving. The system includes features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic throttle control, intelligent cornering assist, and automatic steering to avoid larger vehicles in the side lane while keeping your lane intact. .

In other words, the car will learn by itself and memorize the route to the parking lot with its satellite navigation system and ultrasonic sensors. When the driver approaches a location saved in the memory, the Ora Pilot Parking feature will allow the vehicle to find and enter a parking space by itself. Currently, the price of the Great Wall Ora Good Cat car in the Thai market has not been announced.

Meanwhile, in China, this model has a price ranging from 103,900 to 143,900 yuan. In 2020, Great Wall Motors revealed its intention to turn Thailand into its electric car hub in Southeast Asia. In the past 6 months, this Chinese company has also invested heavily in Thailand to produce electric cars in this country and export to the region.

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