Segway launches the car of the future Apex H2

Segway is known for producing unique personal vehicles and their latest product is a futuristic motorcycle called the Apex H2 very interesting.
Like the car from a sci-fi flick, the Apex H2 is a smooth car with minimalistic windshield, slim headlights and large wheels that look like they’re floating in the air thanks to the swingarm setup. double.

Notable highlights include a streamlined bodywork and an easily accessible space where interchangeable hydrogen fuel tanks are located. It is used to power hydrogen fuel cells and generate electricity for electric motors.

Information about this powertrain is still very little, but the company claims the car will have a capacity of 80 horsepower, allowing the Apex H2 to accelerate from 0-100 km / h in less than 4 seconds and have a speed up to 150 km / h.

Although like a concept, but Electrek said, the car is expected to be launched in 2023. Segway even offers a starting price for its car.

Oddly, however, Segway opted to use the hydrogen drivetrain as this adds weight and complexity to the car. It is also worth mentioning that hydrogen refueling stations are not too common, but the use of hydrogen tanks can alleviate this problem if they are to be widely available.

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