Shopper Chopper – The giant shopping cart fitted with a V8 engine, 340 horsepower, the most bizarre on earth

VIDEO: This is video about Shopper Chopper – The giant shopping cart fitted with a V8 engine. Going grocery shopping and getting bored to realize that you can’t fit everything you bought into the trunk of your car has been a thing of the past with Shopper Chopper.

Shopper Chopper is the fastest shopping cart in the world (though not officially named), the only shopping cart in the US with a legal license to operate on the street. And it is also an impressive homemade car. It is actually an “inflated” shopping cart in size and equipped with a Chevrolet V8 engine.

More specifically, Shopper Chopper is from Pennsylvania and has been in existence for 8 years. Locally, it has long been considered a legend, appearing at all sorts of events, whether it’s a charity event or promotional opportunity, auto show, and city parade. It has been featured in online and television commercials, and has even been used by celebrities.

This monstrous vehicle belonged to Calvin VanSant and son-in-law Brent Musser, who also contributed to the construction. They got the idea of ​​a giant shopping cart from 2010, when Brent was looking for a new way to advertise his grocery business. They thought that a giant shopping cart would help them achieve their goal, and indeed they were right.

After putting everything together to see if it worked (this was the first time they had built a car themselves), they disassembled and reassembled it to form a real car. In addition to finishing, painting, polishing and other things, they finally took up to 2 years to produce the Shopper Chopper.

At the end of those years, the two knew they had something special on hand, so they decided to use it for local parades. Over time, they began to rent it out for advertising purposes (they still do it today), and quickly discovered that the Shopper Chopper had a promising future in the field.

Despite appearing countless times in the media, both Calvin and Brent have never revealed specifically how they built the car. However, Calvin once said that one of the biggest challenges was to put all the car parts together in order to get the final look. But this is still simple compared to applying for a road license for a vehicle.

Shopper Chopper’s official website states that it is 2.8 meters tall, 3.7 meters long and has an unladen weight of 1,338 kg. It has seats for 6 people, 4 people in the front and 2 people higher in the back in the driving position. If you remove the front basket seat, you can put 146 paper bags in it. In other words, it’s still a real trolley.

The car is equipped with a Chevrolet 350 engine that produces 340 horsepower, combined with a 3-speed automatic transmission CM TH350. It also has 4-link degree suspension at the rear, and independent aluminum front suspension at the front. The body is made of polished aluminum and chrome, below that there are more than 800 LEDs to light up in the dark. In addition, this unique car can blow bubbles.

That’s how big and bulky, but Calvin says Shopping Chopper can run surprisingly fast. It can run steadily at 80 km / h, but if needed, it can reach speeds of 128 km / h on the highway. However, fast or slow is not of the utmost importance for an unusual car, attracting attention and bringing joy to people like this.

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