SU-100 – The iconic combat legend of World War II

The iconic combat vehicles of World War II are being restored by Russia.

We continue to talk about armored vehicles restored by the historical and cultural complex “Stalin Line” in partnership with “Wargaming” as part of the campaign titled “Remember Everything”. We talked specifically about the restoration of the Soviet T-34 tank, and today continues with the program “SU-100 – Return of a Legend”, about the restoration of the self-gun. anti-tank operation of the Soviet Union.

Members of the “Stalin Line” organization recreated the SU-100 self-propelled gun base from scrap metal, suitable only for re-cooking. The Wargaming team didn’t leave the restorations alone and took steps to film how the experts were getting the car back into its original form. To date, the movie has received more than 1.3 million views on the official World of Tanks channel and received many positive reviews.

Before the restoration process began, the car was stored in a military training facility – no engine, no gearbox, half buried in the ground. In the fall of 2014, self-propelled guns were shipped to the “Stalin Line” and recovery began.

The tires were cleared of the ground, the chassis and guns were removed, sorted and put into service. They then received a T-34 engine from the military, found a gearbox, radiator, joystick with on-board clutch actuator and various small parts: pistol port, glass potential …

To maximize history and reliability, wartime rollers and headlights have been installed on self-propelled guns, and all parts are painted in the usual color. As a result of the work, the entire car has been reverted to its original form both outside and inside – from the engine, gearbox to the driver’s fuel tank and spoiler.

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