The 3rd generation Honda HR-V will be designed exclusively for the US market

Honda will still distribute the third generation Honda HR-V model in the US market. The third generation Honda HR-V in the US will be designed differently from other markets.

Recently, Honda recently revealed the upcoming launch of the third generation Honda HR-V (also known as Vezel in Japan), scheduled to be officially introduced on February 18.

Currently, paparazzi have taken a lot of photos of the upcoming B-segment crossover, but that will not be the version offered in the US market.

The US will still have the third-generation HR-V, though it will not be similar to models in other regions.

Honda Motor America said in a statement: “The development of a successor to the Honda HR-V for the US market is underway. This new HR-V will be designed to meet the unique needs of American customers and will be different from Honda Vezel / HR-V introduced in other regions.

Honda will have more information to share about the next generation Honda HR-V designed for the US market at a date near the launch date.

In the US, Honda dropped the price of the third-generation Jazz (known as Fit there), with information suggesting that the fourth generation would be phased out. Assuming the new HR-V uses the foundation of the latest Jazz, it makes sense to create a US-only HR-V, especially given the popularity of compact SUVs and crossovers there. .

As it stands, the current HR-V will continue to be sold in the US until 2021, with the new version likely to debut as a 2022 model, so expect prototypes to start appearing near by. at that moment.

This is not the first time the US has received a model exclusively for itself, as the current generation Odyssey here is also different from the model being sold in Japan and other markets.

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