The Land Rover suddenly emerged after being sunk on the beach 31 years ago

In 1990, a Land Rover was buried and turned upside down in the sand. Up to now, this Land Rover vehicle occasionally floats when the sand shores move.

A Land Rover sunk in the sand on a Cornish beach, England, 31 years ago, suddenly floated again, as a bizarre reminder that parking on the beach was a really bad idea. However, this is not the first time the chassis has appeared – it last appeared in 2017.

According to Cornwall Live, the car unfortunately sank on January 13, 1990, when the owner Ronnie Hanney took his daughters to the beach. Photographs belonging to the Hanney family show the 1968 Safari Series 11A still intact, giving a bit of background to the story here.

Those Land Rovers had an idle weight of about 1.5 tons, so they weren’t the right light vehicles to park on unstable sand. By the time the sand was soaked by the tides, the car quickly sank deeply and could no longer be picked up, and the next day, it was overturned with only the wheel on it.

Ronnie Hanney stood pointing at the car after it sank into the sand and turned upside down in January 1990

This story contains some strange details, such as how the car was turned upside down. Normally, the water level needs to be about 4.26 meters high for a car to turn completely upside down and cars submerged in the water tend to sink in the original direction, thus leaving the entire car inundated. and flipping in 24 hours is pretty impressive. However, the UK was devastated by major storms in January 1990, so it is also very likely that the car has suffered some extreme circumstances, which lead to the results shown in the photo.

It will stay afloat for a while before it sinks into the sand again

Perhaps the strangest thing about the car is that the rear passenger wheel, the very wheel that stands out most in the sand, still carries a stretched tire. Maybe that wheel is filled with sand and water, but no matter what, it’s a strange story that doesn’t always come across, and a lesson that you should never park your car on. sand, or subsidence surface.

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