The man offered to sell his Toyota Supra 1989 to have money to pay for his cat’s medical fees, but luckily met “a gentleman”

Decided to sell the car to have money to treat his cat, but the owner was lucky to meet a sympathetic buyer.

Loving animals and pets is a good virtue, and there are even people in the world who love pets as much as their own children. The story of a cat lover below will probably make many people with similar interests feel admiration and understanding.

Specifically, a man from Osaka Prefecture, Japan, decided to sell his precious 1989 Toyota Supra so he could pay for medical treatment for his cat named Silk. Leiz, a cat lover and Supra owner, has owned and driven the famous sports car since at least 1993. Thus, it is understandable that his choice to sell the car to save his cats was a decision. How big will it be./
However, this story is not so simple because it also contains an extremely interesting knot. SoraNews24 reports that Leiz has listed the Supra on Yahoo! Japan Auction earlier this month. A Supra with over 168,000 km on the watch and a few minor scratches on the outside like this usually costs less than 1.35 million yen.

However, Leiz has doubled the price for two reasons: first, he includes the emotional value of owning the car for decades, and second, this is the amount of money he needs to buy the car. pay for Silk’s hospital fees.

Silk the cat was diagnosed with a potentially fatal viral illness, “feline infectious peritonitis” (FIP), which progressed rapidly and required intervention as quickly as possible. So, Leiz immediately put the car up for sale, and clearly explained his reasons. Another man from Osaka Prefecture saw the ad and offered to buy it at the same price, even though Leiz offered a slight discount because of the cosmetic problem.

The buyer refused and told Leiz that he was also a cat lover, so it was understandable what Leiz was going through. From a cat lover’s perspective, the buyer told Leiz he would restore the Supra out of his own pocket and even build an air-conditioned garage to keep it, until Leiz had the money to keep it. buy the car back with the same amount of money, without adding or subtracting a single penny.

The buyer even promised that he wouldn’t drive it during that time, and invited Leiz to come visit whenever Leiz missed it and wanted to take the car for a drive. “I will clean your Supra, and keep it as a decoration,” said the buyer. “Consider me a friend, someone who likes cars like you.”/
Considering himself a friend, the buyer added another 100,000 yen to the original price, to ensure Leiz could pay the full medical costs. Indeed, this is a heartwarming story and shows how much good there is still in the world.

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