This is probably the smallest, slowest police car in the world with a top speed of only 45 km/h

This little police car is unlikely to scare off any criminal. The Greek islands, a summer destination worth visiting in Europe, are becoming increasingly popular for eco-friendly projects that include trams. A few months after a series of Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 electric vehicles landed on the island of Astypalaia to join the government programme, it is now the turn of French car manufacturer Citroën to deliver its range of electric vehicles to Halki Island. (also known as Chalce or Chalki) in the Aegean Sea. Among them will be a tiny Ami, and it will probably be the slowest police car in the world.

Citroën has provided a fleet of six vehicles to Halki’s public authorities, aiming to make it the first Eco-Greek island. These include a pair of Amis for the police force, a pair of ë-C4s for the city council, a ë-Spacetourer MPV and a ë-Jumpy (ë-Dispatch) van. Vehicles are offered as a free 48-month rental. After this period, Citroën will buy and donate it to the Halki island government.

While the Ami is definitely not suitable for highway patrol cars due to its limited top speed of 45 km/h, it is quite practical on Halki’s tight roads, and also as a vehicle. The most flexible vehicle in the group. Criminals can probably go faster than a light 4-wheel electric scooter with an electric motor of only 8 hp, but a 70 km range from a 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack is more than enough for the network. limited roads of the island.

Meanwhile, the ë-C4 model offered for city council needs has much better performance thanks to a 134 hp electric motor and a 50 kWh battery pack that can run 350 km on a full charge cycle. WLTP period. The same battery pack provides a range of 230 km on the ë-Spacetourer, which is very convenient for transporting people.

In addition to its commitment to the Greek government for a green energy transition for Halki, Citroën will also offer islanders and local businesses the opportunity to purchase electric 4-wheelers, passenger cars and vans. zero-emissions commercial with “free access to all the cutting-edge technologies and connected apps they incorporate into their vehicles”.

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