This rare Dodge Challenger 2013 Limo is for sale too cheap

The weak economy makes many owners of expensive cars unwilling to keep them. This 2013 Dodge Challenger Limo is offering for a very low price

In the world of vehicles, Muscle Cars and Limousines are two types of vehicles that serve two different purposes. One is for those who are passionate about speed, like cool manliness, and the other is for those who love to get out of the sleek vehicle. So what if someone combines these two cars together? The main result is the Dodge Challenger 2013 Limo below.

The bizarre limo we see above is for sale on eBay, and it is presumably misnamed as the 2013 Cadillac Fleetwood. It is in fact a 2013 Dodge Challenger muscle car transformed into a limousine with total dimensions. it was almost twice the original length, extending the mid-section by more than 3.5 meters, making the wheelbase 2 times longer.

Between the front and rear wheels, the moderator installed 3 seagull doors, opening the door to a limousine-like interior. Inside, everything seemed to be upholstered, fitted with benches for as many people as possible, a large TV, and a bar with a real granite countertop. The total cost to build this limo muscle car is $ 175,000.

Time to make the car-to-car transformation will be in 2015, and the seller promises that the car is still in good condition. The exterior paintwork is still very nice, the weakly designed systems such as the air-conditioning and the sound are still working well, and the car overall is “like new”. The rear profile, however, is a bit suspicious as the car has traveled more than 128,000 km, and the body shell has “a few small dents” that are almost invisible. The engine is a 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar, revealing the original identity of the car as the SXT.

The 2013 Dodge Challenger Limo was originally priced at $ 45,000, but has now dropped to a “surprisingly cheap” price of just $ 32,500.

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