Toyota Land Cruiser L200 transforms a 6-wheel pickup monster, extremely luxurious interior thanks to the hands of people

Perhaps there is not a second Toyota Land Cruiser in the world that is “terrible” like this. After introducing a wild Lexus LX convertible built specifically for falconry, the folks at YouTube channel “ArabGT” are back with another unique custom bike. Coincidentally, the car this time around is based on the LX’s more popular brother, the Toyota Land Cruiser.

Specifically, it is a previous generation LC200 with changes so large that it is no longer an SUV. Converted into a pickup truck, the unique custom has a 3rd wheel axle and is the work of one man – Hussein Al Tamimi.

Born in Iraq, Hussein has quite a bit of experience in customizing cars, and this latest build will be followed by another project with another Japanese-sponsored car. In the meantime, he visited Dubai and spoke with the “ArabGT” team about his crazy LC 6-wheel pickup, but noted that the footage of the vehicle in the video was taken in city ​​of Basra, Iraq.

It’s not a true 6×6 as the extra axle is not attached to the powertrain, or in other words, the extra wheels simply “follow” the standard 4×4 setup. Hussein cut the corners of the front bumper to improve the approach angle of the large pickup. At the same time, it also receives enough off-road equipment, including a winch, a pair of tow hooks, additional LED lights, and a sturdy underbody guard.

The LC200 pickup now features a snorkel, as well as wide fenders at both front and rear, along with a custom suspension setup for more ground clearance. Even the taillights have been revised and now have a full LED setup with sequential turn signals, and can even “jump a bit” like in luxury cars when you lock/unlock the car. .

Step inside using the auto-deployed steps, and we can see the changes continue with the red leather interior everywhere, including the front and rear center armrests, and Rolls-Royce-style “starry sky” ceiling tiles. Like a Porsche Taycan, the 6-wheel Toyota Land Cruiser has a dashboard mounted display in front of the co-driver’s seat, along with a pair of screens for the rear-seat entertainment system.

It even features softly closing doors and tailgates, not to mention a custom center console for the rear seats with integrated screens. Hussein changed the steering wheel to fit a small screen showing the speed and rewind of the 5.7-liter V8 engine.

In general, turning an ordinary Toyota Land Cruiser into a 6-wheel pickup with a luxurious interior must be very expensive and time consuming. This is definitely a unique custom bike, and while it’s not a true 6×6 we have to commend Hussein’s efforts in creating one of the most exciting L200s. .

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