Toyota Sera 1990, butterfly door sports car

Toyota Sera is a sports car with butterfly doors launched more than 30 years ago. It is only sold in the Japanese domestic market.

The 1990s were a great time for Toyota sports cars. Buyers not only have Supra, but also Celica and MR2, but that is not all. Unfortunately, some of the coolest Toyota models have never left Japan, for example, in the case of the 1990 Toyota Sera in this article.

Unfortunately, Japan’s economic success didn’t last long and the country went into recession in the 1990s. Toyota had no choice but to react quickly to the market, and by 1995, Sera has been killed.

During its short existence, it has left a lasting mark on the Japanese domestic vehicle community. It even appeared in some video games and today is a very sought-after car by collectors. A total of 15,941 units were produced during those six years.

The green car is now part of Toyota’s collection of 75 classic cars in Germany. Toyota doesn’t say what its potential value is, but we can assume it’s not cheap.

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