TruckHouse camping car worth 285 thousand USD

This is a camping car based on the Toyota Tacoma model. However, the price of this model is up to 285 thousand USD

According to the manufacturer, TruckHouse BCT is the name of a solid camping car based on the Toyota Tacoma full-size pickup platform, which is worth $ 285,000 in the US.

Basically, this is a single-piece carbon-fiber composite house so it’s very sturdy, but the entire body weight weighs only 227 kg.

“We chose the Toyota Tacoma because of its modest size, maneuverability and proven longevity,” said Nicolo Monforte, project executive director. Then we built a carbon-fiber composite home that was both light and strong as an alloy material ”.

In terms of features, the house has a multi-purpose storage room, automatic awning, rooftop solar system, weather-resistant 10-speaker sound, 3-point lock doors and an electric entrance pedestal.

Meanwhile, the car itself gets an Expedition long-travel suspension, slotted disc brakes, a high-power generator, high front and rear bumper, Safari snorkel, multi-terrain tires and tires. off-road lights.

For interiors, all camper, including beds for 2 adults, integrated hydronic heating, 7 dual windows, oversized skylights, integrated blinds and screens, multi-ventilators speed, stainless sink, Bosch super speed oven, 32 inch rotary LED TV, air-conditioner, a lithium battery pack for mobile use.

In fact, the Manufacturer says $ 285k is just the introductory price for the base, and the full option variant can go up to $ 380k, which is more expensive than a Rolls-Royce Cullinan. sold in the US

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