Trusting navigation system, delivery van driver stuck on muddy road

This is another proof that we should not rely too much on the navigation systems in cars today.

A few days ago, we learned about the story of two new young men stuck on an abandoned road in Russia during a cold winter after taking a shortcut as suggested by Google Maps. The sad result was that 1 in 2 froze, and the other was hospitalized in critical condition, all because they had blindly trusted the navigation software.

If you still need another example to understand that it should not be done, here’s another tragic story, but at least not with the sad ending. Specifically, this time is a case in the UK and shared on Twitter by the West Yorkshire police force.

Although they did not provide all the information, the local police posted a picture of a delivery van stuck in a muddy road in the middle of nowhere, again the reason was because of following. directions of the GPS system. In other words, the driver just wants to get his job done, and has absolute confidence in the navigation system, the result is led to a rough, muddy road that is more suitable for an off-road vehicle than valve.

Of course this story is not as terrible as the case of two people trapped in cold snow, but it again shows that while today’s GPS solutions are extremely advanced and intelligent, they can still come up with. disaster instructions and causing the driver to fall into a situation that is both funny and funny.

The good news is that apps like Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps are constantly being updated, and map errors reported by the community of users are prioritized by parent companies or by experts. local officer.

Therefore, the best method at this time is to keep the spirit of vigilance, and do not believe in absolute instruction from technology machines. If they send you an inappropriate route, you should be patient to find an alternative path, one that looks safer, and not to get you stuck in a nagging place.

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