All New Victa diving ship – James Bond 007 Style – Introducing

With the most advanced features available today, the Victa commercial submarine is considered a perfect vehicle for secret missions or a toy for an adventurous rich person.

The Lotus Esprit from the 1977 movie “The Spy Who Loved Me” is an icon not only because of its beautiful design, but also its ability to transform into a submarine. Therefore, many people have taken it out as inspiration when they want to create a versatile “both floating and sinking” medium. One of them is SubSea Craft and the British company recently introduced an extremely innovative submarine concept called the new 2021 Victa submarine.

The design of the commercial Victa submersible is somewhat similar to the Lotus Esprit, but the connection with the famous James Bond is only there, because unlike the Esprit, Victa is a real vehicle or the other is almost honestly. SubSea announced in early November that it was in the final stages of prototypes, and that offshore testing would begin January 2021.

Victa submarine prices starting at an estimated $ 9 million, Victa will become the most advanced submarine model in the world, according to the British company. It would be both a high-speed motor ship and a submersible, a special diving vehicle with a combination of technology, stealth, and speed. According to the manufacturer, it will also target a wide range of potential customers, from the military to millionaire adventurers looking for a “new toy”.

The Victa has a carbon fiber composite hull with a Diab foam core, making it sturdy yet lightweight. It is painted matte black and can carry 6 divers, a rider and a pilot, all of which will wear diving suits. The reason for this is because Victa is a type of “wet submarine”, meaning that to dive it needs to submerge the cabin in water. This whole process only takes two minutes.

In terms of machinery, Victa is equipped with a Seatek 725+ oil engine, providing 725 horsepower to a pair of Kongsberg Kamewa water jets. As the 3D modeling video shown above, Victa can be dropped into the water by helicopter and can move to the required location at speeds up to 40 knots (74 km / h). ).

Travel speed is 30 knots and travel distance based on fuel capacity is estimated at 250 knots. When it is necessary to dive into the water, the propulsion system switches to a 20 kW electric motor that runs on a lithium-ion battery cluster, with 4 thrusters for slow speed control deep underwater.

“Fly-by-wire” steering technology allows the controls to be used both on water and underwater, while the on-board open-circuit air system ensures that all occupants are not depleted. His breathing air tank before they reach the destination. The life support system on board is capable of providing 4 hours of breathing for all 8 people.

The Victa appears to be the perfect fit for special military operations, but SubSea Craft CEO Scott Verney believes it can also attract civilians. As mentioned above, it makes a great toy for the adventurous giants looking for a new thrill – or looking for a real-life James Bond scene.

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