VIDEO: This 1,200-hp special Toyota MR2 passes many supercars on the drag track

This special Toyota MR2 is more enjoyable to drive than driving a supercar. This particular Toyota MR2 has a power of 1,200 horsepower and is capable of great acceleration.

In fact, you can fit a giant turbocharger on a small four-cylinder engine and generate more horsepower than a million-dollar McLaren is all too tempting, and the trend is so cool. This vehicle has been pushed to the limit in recent years. A good example is this 90s Toyota MR2 when it got to a frighteningly fast level as we see in the video below.

The car in the video is a 2nd generation MR2 that has been swapped for engines. It no longer uses the standard Toyota engine as it did when it first came out, and is replaced by a turbocharged K20 Honda. This engine block has been proven many times that it can produce tremendous power with some necessary equipment. As a result, this MR2 has 1,200 horsepower, and boasts the fastest MR2 in the world.

The 2nd generation Toyota MR2 is gaining popularity as a “drag racing weapon” thanks to its mid-engine layout, which puts the weight of the engine on the rear wheels and naturally increases traction. for rear wheel. In the video, we can see that the MR2 fitted with a Honda engine took full advantage of that advantage.

Thanks to some performance measurement software, we have the opportunity to see the specific numbers the car reaches over 400 meters, and those are amazing numbers: it only takes 1, 62 seconds to pass 18 meters, then 2.56 seconds to reach the acceleration 0-96 km / h, just a little lost 2.4 seconds of the Bugatti Chiron supercar costing over $ 3 million.

The MR2 accelerates from 96 – 209 km / h in 3.33 seconds, and then passes the ¼ mile (more than 400 meters) mark in 8.87 seconds at 174.55 miles / h (280.9 km / h). ), making it the fastest MR2 ever recorded. In other words, this Toyota has the power to blow away many supercars, high performance muscle cars on the drag track.

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