What mistakes do new drivers often make with hand brake?

When they first learn to drive, many new talents often make basic mistakes with the handbrake such as forgetting to pull the brake, lowering the brake when the car has not completely stopped, forgetting to pull the brake when parking the car.

Forget about lowering or lowering the handbrake

Forgetting to pull or lower the handbrake is really a common problem, especially for new drivers. There will be two cases that happen with the case of forgetting to lower the hand brake: forget completely, or have lowered but not fully lowered the hand brake still to light on the G joints.

However, recognition from many driving opinions on this issue shows that in any case, many people do not fully understand or anticipate the damage caused by this negligence.

In most cars today, the brake brake system (handbrake) uses disc brakes or turbochargers, designed independently or in combination with the main brake system, but all are still in the cluster. rear brake.

It is common for a vehicle to forget to pull or lower the handbrake
When the brake brake is still close to the spark plug or brake disc (forget to lower the handbrake or lower it all yet), the great friction between the brake pads and the spark plug or brake disc will generate great heat while the car is running, causing the brake The brake may be burnt.

In addition, the hot melted seals and grease bearings will melt and damage very quickly. The anti-lock braking system (ABS) sensor mounted on the brake assembly can also be damaged, and boiling brake fluid can also cause the brake to decrease.

Lower the handbrake when the car has not stopped completely

In addition to forgetting to lower or lower the handbrake, following the habit of using a car or by mistake, some new drivers often lower the handbrake when the car has not stopped. In fact, the handbrake is not designed for stopping while the vehicle is in motion, but only to keep the vehicle still when the vehicle is stopped.

In case the vehicle is moving or not completely stopped, if the driver accidentally pulls the handbrake, the brake force applies to the rear or front wheels depending on whether the vehicle uses front or rear wheel drive, yes This can lead to a slip, causing danger.

Besides forgetting to lower or lower the handbrake is also a common mistake users encounter

The use of the handbrake while the car is running, is only applied by professional drivers to perform the drift screen. However, vehicles used to perform are often “tuned” to the handbrake system to create greater braking force.

With older models, in the event of a force majeure when the foot brake fails, the solution many people use is to pull the handbrake, but because the impact force of the hand brake is weaker or the brake pad is worn out, so very difficult to work.

Forget to pull the handbrake when parking the car

One of the most common mistakes drivers make is forgetting to pull the handbrake when parking. This can cause unexpected collisions or accidents. Some new talents often forget or subjectively think that when parking the car, changing the gear shift to P, the car will stand still.

One of the most common mistakes drivers make is forgetting to pull the handbrake when parking.

However, even if the shift lever has changed to P, the vehicle cannot move due to the transmission of the transmission, but there are many cases where the vehicle is parked at steep slopes, heavy trucks or for some other reason. causing malfunction, the P-gear is ineffective and the gears wear quickly. At this time, if you do not set the handbrake, the vehicle will drift and it is easy to collide.

Therefore, to ensure safety, when using a car, drivers should practice the habit of pulling the handbrake when stopping the car.

Here are some notes when using the car handbrake

Remember to release the handbrake before moving the vehicle
Regularly check the handbrake and carry out maintenance on the brake system to avoid brake jam due to oil loss or rust.
When parking overnight, use the handbrake to help avoid slipping or moving, even if you park overnight for many days will not affect the brakes much.

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