What’s so attractive about a Chinese pickup truck just launched?

Zhengtu is Wuling’s newest pickup truck, a brand that recently created the urban electric craze with its Hongguang Mini. In fact, Zhengtu was officially revealed at the end of last year, but until now, there is a detailed selling price, and this is a very soft price. Specifically, the price of Wuling Zhengtu 2021 starts at 58,800 yuan with the basic configuration including rear-wheel drive, 1.5-liter 4-cylinder petrol engine with 98 horsepower and a 5-speed manual transmission.

As a cheap pickup that can serve daily labor, Zhengtu 2021’s trunk can be lowered on all three sides and about 2 meters long from the rear glass door to the rear door. The chassis floor is covered with plastic as standard, which is an attractive point for a car with this soft starting price. If you want a better-equipped car, buyers can opt for a more premium version, with prices starting from CNY 62,800.

Cableed in a dual-cabin and 5-seater configuration, this Chinese pickup features a rigid shaft installation with coil springs at the rear and an 8-inch screen infotainment system. Anti-lock, electronic brake force distributor, high-strength steel for improved safety are other features worth mentioning, along with excellent fuel economy.

The manufacturer said that the Zhengtu pickup only consumed 7 liters / 100 km. Of course, this figure may not be accurate because China has more sketchy testing procedures than the US and the EU. But considering the car’s small size, one can believe it is more fuel efficient than large, medium sized cars. And with the ability to reach a top speed of 120 km / h and a weight of 1,340 kg, Wuling’s new pickup model has a payload of 480 kg, enough to make daily “pack horses”.

As a low-cost product, the Wuling Zhengtu 2021 pickup does not offer many options except for the 4 exterior colors white, blue, gray, and green.

In terms of Chinese cars, although they have attracted attention because of their affordable prices, the quality of Chinese cars still worries many people. With Chinese cars, perhaps it only meets the criteria: beautiful, more technology and cheap, and the brand and quality are not satisfied.

Many people still remember the quality of Chinese motorcycles many years ago when compared to a Chinese car. According to Zing, consumers choose to buy Chinese cars because they are cheap and affordable. But after a period of use, the poor quality of the car has caused people to “boycott” this car, especially in big cities. Chinese motorbikes have been downgraded for a few years and have “consumed” gasoline, so many people are determined to change cars at all costs.

In addition, not only the IC, other parts related to the IC such as charging diodes, power coils, batteries, and wiring are also very poor quality, leading to Chinese car ICs often broken. Some types of Chinese car parts, the specifications are not suitable, many vehicles have the wrong details in terms of size. In addition, many light bulbs, turn signals of Chinese motorcycles do not reach the standard capacity …

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