YouTuber removes all the excess parts of the BMW to help the car “lose weight”, run faster

To make the car more fuel-efficient and more efficient, racing cars are often very different from an ordinary car. Youtuber “ChrisFix” has shown everyone how many superfluous parts can be removed from a popular car, and how much they weigh.

Interestingly, YouTuber “ChrisFix” recently acquired a BMW E46 3-Series with AWD, and plans to turn it into an endurance race car. To do that, he immediately embarked on the process of reducing the weight of the car, and shared a video of the entire process on his channel. When fully equipped, the car weighs 1,529 kg, and the goal is to bring it below 1,360 kg.

Amazingly, he was able to achieve that by removing every possible part, including the sunroof. The original production driver’s seat has also been replaced with a lighter racing seat. All the unnecessary screws, clamps, nuts and bolts are removed, and surprisingly, those little things add up to a considerable amount of weight. The end result, the BMW has lost nearly 200 kg.

Besides, ChrisFix also shared actual test footage and measured the acceleration time from 0-97 km/h as well as the braking distance of the car before and after the “weight loss” process. Just by removing all the extra parts inside the BMW, the original 0-97 km/h acceleration time of 6.8 seconds was cut to just 5.97 seconds, a remarkable improvement. In short, the most enjoyable part of the video above is the process of removing car parts.

Essentially, building a race-ready car from an entry-level street car is a lengthy and laborious process. But with the exception of mechanical solutions like engine swaps and suspension and brake upgrades, builders also have to take care of another simple but extremely important aspect: reducing weight.

In particular, if we compare it with a car that only runs on the track, an ordinary car always carries a lot of superfluous things such as seats, spare tires, and all the decorative and beautifying details. . Regarding this, many people don’t know how much weight these can add to the car.

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