BvS10 Beowulf – Amphibian machine, unique two-body design, ready to conquer any terrain

Designed to go places you could hardly imagine, the BvS10 Beowulf is a heavy-duty champion of off-road vehicles, aiming for every mission with ease and non-stop. The Hägglunds division of British company BAE Systems in Sweden is a unit dedicated to the development of products and services for the defense industry, working to develop aerospace, […]


VIDEO: Audi Q5L Sportback 2021 flies high after hitting the barrier at the toll booth, 4 people injured

The Audi Q5L Sportback 2021 exclusively for the Chinese market crashed into the barrier at the toll station, resulting in this car shooting into the air and falling to the ground with heavy damage. Four passengers in the car suffered injuries but were not life-threatening.Recently, a traffic accident occurred at a toll station in Yangzhou, […]


All New Honda Cross Cub 110 special color version Introducing, limited to only 2,000 cars – 2022

The 2022 Honda Cross Cub 110 small-scale multi-terrain vehicle was officially launched with a special color version limited to 2,000 units. Honda Cross Cub 110 – a compact digital car capable of multi-terrain operation in an attractive way has just been officially launched by the Japanese automaker. Accordingly, Cross Cub 110 2021 will be added […]


Estrema Fulminea Introducing – Hypercar with 2,040 hp, 0-320 km/h in under 10 seconds

This Italian-origin electric hypercar will be limited to 61 units, and each will cost around 2 million euros.As planned, electric car startup Automobili Estrema has officially unveiled the new hypercar model Fulminea in the form of a car on display at the Turin Automobile Museum. It will provide a total capacity of 2,040 horsepower from […]

Alfa Romeo AUTO

Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA (2021)

The Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA is instantly recognizable courtesy of an exclusive characterization that is both aesthetic and functional, confirming it is not an exercise in style but instead a high-performance vehicle derived from a mass-produced car, the exceptional Giulia Quadrifoglio. With the widespread use of ultralight materials, the Giulia GTA’s weight is reduced by […]