AUTO Lexus

2021 Lexus RC is more attractive than its predecessor thanks to a range of new technologies.

The Japanese automaker has just announced a series of new upgrades to the RC sports coupe in the Australian market. The 2021 Lexus RC comes equipped with new adaptive cruise control. The 8-speed automatic transmission is also upgraded. The driver can choose a higher gear in the normal driving modes to save fuel, while allowing […]


Lexus UX 300e Review (2021)

Based on Lexus’ best-selling UX urban crossover, the first all-electric Lexus leverages 15 years of leadership in electrified hybrids. Timed perfectly to benefit from Europe’s improved charging infrastructure and the rapid growth of interest in luxury electric vehicles, the UX 300e will provide a near-silent driving experience that is both dynamic and razor-sharp. “For the […]