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10 most dangerous poisonous mushrooms in the world

If you eat some poisonous mushrooms such as angel wings mushroom or skull hat mushroom, people will damage the liver, kidneys, nervous system, leading to death. Top extremely poisonous mushrooms in the world Fly Agaric (Fly Agaric) Mushroom angel wings Mushroom Deadly Dapperling Mushroom Podostroma Cornu-damae Conocybe Filaris Mushroom Webcap Autumn mushroom cap False Morel […]

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The funny reason why this species “transforms” into a super monster

The largest super monster ever to walk the Earth’s continents was the result of a spectacular evolution, when their small ancestors developed a need to … eat more. This somewhat comical reason made sauropods – the giant long-necked dinosaurs – the dominant Jurassic species, although at that time most other species faced tragedy, even later […]

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The strange circles on the lake are believed to have a healing effect

Seen from afar or overhead, these colorful, speckled circles look breathtaking. Osoyoos is a town known for its warm summers, beautiful lakes, wildlife, and many outdoor activities that stand out in a unique desert environment. This place is in the Enk Mipu Desert, the only desert in Canada and has a unique shape. Here, there […]