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How To Touch a Girl

90% of men don’t know how to touch their girlfriend subtly and make her fall in love. A lot of men are very confused in this regard. And many girls say that the guys are always rude. Then, immediately accumulate the notes below to conquer her!

Carrying her across the street is a delicate way of touching her girlfriend

This is a common girlfriend touch. And a lot of flirting experts have invited her to walk the street and apply. Pretend to be a little careless when she goes outside. Then, pretend to be startled and pull her hand inside.

Don’t forget to add a greeting “Are you okay”. 100% of the girls will feel a bit confused. In some crowded places, this way of touching girlfriend is very effective. The guys can completely take the initiative and take her hand and lead her through crowded places. At this moment, very little she refused when he did. Note that it can only be held around her wrist or elbow area. If you hold it under her hand, the chance of getting slapped is very high. Be subtle, grab the girl’s wrists or elbows.

Take it lightly and let it go right after passing the crowd. This action will prove that this is an gesture of concern, worry, not bad intentions. After a few times like that, she would definitely see this as a normal act. And he could completely hold her hand all day without being opposed.

Pay attention to her appearance

The sweet gestures in Korean dramas are a lot, right? Guys can completely apply it to their girlfriends.

Look for an opportunity to break the barrier in the most elegant way when you are together.

This will give you the reason to touch her through the gesture of a gentleman who is always attentive to her. But make sure she is a girl who is always content with a polite gesture and won’t feel too old-fashioned. Become her hero. Once you have a date or go to a place where just the two of you have a crush, you should look for a chance to be a real gentleman who can touch her.

Encouraging and comforting her more

When he has the luck of meeting his girlfriend in a difficult time, actively use his girlfriend touch. Because, that was when her defense was the weakest. Or rather, she needed comfort, needed to release other difficult emotions.

A pat on the shoulder would make her feel cared. A head pat will make her feel comforted, pampered. Even a hug in this case is not superfluous.

Touch gently as if it were fleeting.

Gently touch her arm with her arm, place your hand on her waist, or pass her a pen or notebook and let your hand linger near hers. Is she startled back as if she has just placed her hand on a hot lamp, or does she let your body linger for a few seconds and smile at you? If she reciprocates your feelings, then she is accepting your plan of breaking the barrier of collision.

Keep a natural and friendly first touch to see how she reacts. Surely you do not need a romantic gesture at this time.

Maintain touch longer.

If the random bump really works, then try to touch her longer next time. Put your hand on her waist for a few seconds, not just to lead her through the door. Place your hand on hers for an extra second or two when you hand her the gum. If your legs and knees accidentally touch under the table, linger for a while before taking them off.

This will make the girl feel more warm to you and will make the impact last longer. This way, you also get a more accurate sense of whether or not she likes the touch.

Please help her.

This is extremely useful when she needs to stand up when she gets in or out of a car, or when she has to step through puddles and cross an uneven surface. Many girls like gestures like that from a man because it shows that you are thinking of her, not yourself. This helping act is more effective when she’s in a nice dress or high heels.

Again, make sure she’s not the type to think that you will lose your face by offering to hold your hand to do these things.

Implement the “women first” tactic.

Open her door and let her through the front door, hallway, or crowd. A nice and steady gesture is when you just put your hand above her waist (you can put your hand anywhere on her back to lead her through the door, if you’re really comfortable together then you you can put your hand lower than her hip). Other positions can be placed on the back of the arms, on the elbows (especially if she’s wearing a short sleeve), or gently and carefully resting the hand on her shoulder.

Although letting the girl go ahead is a good gesture, don’t touch her too much when the opportunity comes, otherwise she will think you’re just trying to be a gentleman to be able to touch her. , and that’s not the case you want.

Lead the way

If you have to walk through the crowd, hold her hand so that you can walk through without losing her. It also proves that you are always first. Once you get past the crowd, you can continue holding her hand if she seems to like it.

Holding hands is a big progress for many girls. If she doesn’t respond, don’t get too discouraged. She may be waiting to be your girlfriend before you hold hands, especially in public.

Wipe something out of her face or hair.

We often see eyelashes fall on someone’s face, especially the cheek. If you see this, tell her “Stand still! Lashes fell on your cheeks. Let me help you get it out ”. Then gently take the lashes away. Don’t press too hard on her face, especially if she’s wearing makeup. Do the same thing if you see something in her hair like lint or dust.

Of course, don’t stare at her face all day to find the lashes that fall there. But if you see this then great!

You can also lie. Let’s say there’s something in her hair, there’s really nothing in it, and break the barrier this way.

Don’t brush the food off her face. It doesn’t feel great when you say, “Wait, there’s a little bacon on your chin.”

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