MG Maze – Electric car concept inspired by video games

The MG Maze will probably never go into commercial production, but the idea behind it is really cool and trendy. British car manufacturer MG is opening its arms to the electric future by offering two all-new electric models in the European market, the MG5 and ZS, and a plug-in hybrid HS. Currently, the company has many more upcoming electric vehicles, including the high-end Marvel R SUV that will reach European buyers this fall. However, the MG Maze digital concept below will probably be far from being put into actual production.

Created by SAIC Design, a London-based creative studio with a mission to explore innovative and fresh design proposals for the MG and Roewe brands, the Maze is a vehicle designed to be “open-minded.” concept of mobile experiences for a new generation”.

Born in a time when people are subject to many “restrictions and constraints”, trying to enter the virtual world to escape the real world, the concept model was inspired by video games, an extremely entertaining form. popular in the 21st century.
SAIC Design says that the concept car captures the “home gaming” situation and conveys it in the form of a technologically advanced car. The layout, details, materials and colors, “are all driven by that idea to help connect and build a community around mobility”.
Celebrating the real and digital worlds, the bold design study intends to bring driving pleasure to electric vehicles rather than simply experiencing a journey from A to B. The heart of MG Maze is a familiar layout for gamers: a couch/sofa, a controller, and a monitor.
The car’s exterior has many beautiful see-through surfaces, and is also inspired by gaming, especially high-tech computers with exposed accessories. Other standout details include an open cockpit layout that offers panoramic views of the surroundings, opening front door arches, a zero-gravity seat design with transparent cover and high-tech fabric cushions, and a user interface. Subtly used to cover the entire front of the vehicle.
The chassis is exposed to the rear, where the electric motors and battery pack can be swapped in a “plug and play” configuration. Components such as the GPU, CPU, and even the cooler are also exposed, creating an extra impression on the viewer.

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