3 myths about the clean diet that we often encounter

VIDEO: Why You Shouldn’t Eat Clean. Adopting a clean diet that will definitely lose weight or foods off the list that will be unhealthy are common mistakes.

Eat clean is a diet that requires users to avoid eating foods that have been refined, processed or contain preservatives or additives. When eating cleanly, we must make sure to eat foods that are original and natural.

The “ eat clean ” trend emerged after many celebrities and sports models announced their menus. Most of the foods that appear in their meals are chicken breast, salmon, green vegetables, brown rice …

Clean meals are oriented to bring many health benefits, especially for weight loss. These things are the reason why many myths about this diet appear.

Eat clean well with everyone

With the selection of natural foods, eating clean promises to help your body have the best health. However, the over-emphasis on clean eating in some people can tire them out and become obsessed with their request.

You will feel guilty if you miss or be forced to eat something that isn’t on the allowed list. Some people even isolate themselves from relationships to focus on their diet.

This is the reason why this diet is especially not suitable for people who are sensitive, mentally unstable or under severe stress. Besides the pressures of life, they must continue to endure their own meals.

Food outside the “ eat clean ” category is not good

In a clean diet, processed foods are classified as unhealthy. Some people refuse to eat all foods that contain additives because they think they are not natural.

Certain food additives have benefits for human health. Good examples are vitamin D added to milk, vitamin A in margarine, iron and folic acid in flour and cereals. “

The essence of western medicine is also artificial when drugs and functional foods are prepared in the laboratory, based on chemical formulas. Even so, they still bring about certain improvements in health.

Adoration of a clean diet can limit our ability to fully and fully absorb nutrients.

The weight loss effect seen in the aforementioned celebrities through eating clean is very clear. Even people who apply it can see a change in their weight. This makes us mistakenly think that eat clean is the cause.

The condition of weight loss is that the energy deficit is lower, the calorie intake is lower than the amount consumed. In a clean diet, we are limited in food. These foods are not easy to eat and most of them have calorie levels. This is an opportunity to create a calorie deficit, thereby helping us lose weight.

However, in some cases, too strict a diet makes cravings even bigger. These are good conditions for us to return to unhealthy eating.

Eat clean still has its own positives to health. However, the best diet when it brings balance to mental and physical health. Developing a diet and exercise suitable for your condition is the best way to help you stay in good health and change your shape.

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