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A bizarre weapon that looks like an Indian tadpole

Due to its special structure, the madu is more difficult to use than conventional weapons. Madu users have to go through a special training process called maan kombu.

Madu is the name of a fancy weapon that was used in the past by the Muslim ascetic Fakir monks of the Middle East and Hindu monks in India.

This is a self-defense tool crafted from raw materials, not officially considered a weapon, as the law does not allow priests to carry weapons with them.

A common madu consists of two chamois horns attached to a round shield. At first glance, the madu is reminiscent of a tadpole with two tails. The madu’s horns can be attached with iron noses to increase the damage. This weapon can be used to stab or poke, but it is more suitable for defense than attack and hardly fatal.

In addition to the popular type made of chamois horns with a rounded shield, the madu comes in a variety of variations, suitable for different uses.

In India, the madu has also become a common weapon of the silambam – the traditional martial art using weapons, originating in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Today, madu is still produced. However, antelope horns have been replaced with other materials such as wood, metal, synthetic materials … because hunting and using antelope horns have been banned in many places.

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