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A rare meteor exploded in the New York sky

A meteor soared across New York, USA, causing massive explosions accompanied by flashes of sparks on Lake Ontario in Canada.

Bill Cooke, head of the Environmental Office of the US Aerospace Agency (NASA), said the meteorite formed a large ball of fire to the west at a speed of about 90,123 km / h, at 12:08 on 3 / 12, NBC News said.

The meteorite broke into pieces at an altitude of about 35km between the cities of Rochester and Syracuse, creating a massive explosion in New York. Onondaga County emergency dispatcher, said he had received many calls through the 911 operator about the explosion.

The sound from the explosion was so loud that it could be heard in Oswego and Madison counties, New York state. When the meteor bursts, fragments of it create bright rays of light over Lake Ontario, Canada. A video shot from the CN Tower in Toronto captures the scene of the bright light on the city skyline.

Cooke says there are very few recorded videos of the object and its orbit is still unclear and predicts it could be an asteroid.

Robert Lunsford, of the American Meteor Association, said the meteorite was seen over a large area. It is seen from New York to Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.

“Meteors rarely fall near a city, most asteroids fall into the water,” Lunsford said.

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