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After the Utah and Romania deserts, mysterious metal blocks continue to appear on top of mountains in California

A mysterious mass of metal suddenly appeared on top of a mountain in California with a shape similar to what had appeared and disappeared in the Utah desert.

Silver metal was suddenly discovered in the Pine Mountain in the town of Atascadero, on the Central California coast, USA. The appearance of this mysterious metal block attracted dozens of locals to climb the mountain to view and take photos posted on social media, Guardian said.

“The three-sided metal block seems to be made of steel, about over 3m high and 45.7cm wide. The metal block is welded together at each corner and used with studs to attach the steel plates to the frame, ”local newspaper Atascadero News said.

This metal block is only placed on the surface, not as fastened to the rock as the metal block appeared in the Utah desert. It is not yet determined whether this metal block was discovered in the Utah desert and subsequently disappeared.

Not long after the mysterious metal block disappeared from the Utah desert, a similar block of metal appeared in Romania. But this block of metal was made quite rudimentary and not as smooth as what appeared in the Utah desert.

Who created the metal blocks and placed them there remains a mystery, but their appearance in different locations led to many speculations about the alien appearance. Experts claim they are man-made products, but it’s unclear what their purpose is.

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