Alcohol can shorten your lifespan by 28 years

A new study shows that people who drink too much alcohol each day can seriously affect longevity.

We all know that being dependent on alcohol is dangerous. Obviously drinking a glass of wine or a few beers from time to time, and even according to some scientific studies, it can have health benefits. But once a person has consumed alcohol on a regular basis in large amounts, a person can be diagnosed with an alcohol disorder, commonly known as alcoholism.

A new study shows that people who drink a lot of alcohol every day are especially susceptible to alcoholism, which can seriously affect longevity. This study, which involved collecting data on more than 107,000 people in Europe, showed that people diagnosed with alcohol use disorders were more likely to die earlier than normal people.

The study included information on all individuals hospitalized for alcohol use disorders from Denmark, Finland and Sweden between 1987 and the end of 2006. These are a huge number of samples, despite the data. is limited to individuals in three countries, but the results can be considered representative of the expected outcome of the total population of many other countries. “People hospitalized for alcohol use disorder, on average, are 47-53 years old (men) and 50-58 years (women),” the researchers said. “earlier than non-drinkers”.

After compiling the numbers, the researchers determined that, on average, people hospitalized for alcohol use disorders experienced a decrease in overall life expectancy of 24-28 years. Needless to say, alcohol significantly reduces longevity, and from extensive research into the effects of alcohol on the human body, we have learned what the risk factors are.

First, not only is the liver affected by alcohol, but the heart in general is also affected. Abnormal heart rate, stroke and other potentially serious complications associated with alcohol abuse. If you or someone you love has symptoms of alcoholism, it is important that they get the appropriate help from a professional. Quitting alcohol without adequate support can be dangerous or even fatal, depending on the specific condition of each patient. This is not something you can easily quit on your own, it is like being addicted to tobacco or some other drug.

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